Student teacher

Today a Year 7 student purchaesd the right to teach my lesson using 100 virtual rewards points. Mr Pulvirenti saved up his virtual rewards points to teach the class how to create a cartoon self portrait. The class worked beautifully. Students were on their best behaviour and some wanted to continue the activity at home.

Senior class

Time is flying...

I will be saying goodbye to my first Senior Year 12 class in a few months timeframe.

I am now on a count down with my Year 12 students. They have 4 days until their 30% Body of Work and Visual Arts Process Diary is due for marking. This is an in school progress mark which is combined with their earlier 20% practical progress mark. The final 50% of their mark will come NESA (NSW Education Standards).

It has definitely been a journey of mixed feeling. We are all exhausted both emotionally and physically. It has been difficult to get them to stay motivated. I will need to work on developing a stricter timeframe, provide more examples of Band 6 artworks and learn how to provide criticisim that does not deflate their self-esteem.

Teaching my first senior class has definitely been an eye opener. Students are used to be given direction at every step from Year 7-10, with the freedom to choose their own concept and materials it can be quite stressing. Some may not be willing…

Positive Behaviour for Learning

Spot me... the lady in pink!

Being a teacher involves taking on roles beyond the classroom walls. For the last few years, I have been an active member of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Team. A few weeks ago I took over as the chairperson. This role includes:
Miss Kwan Develop agenda with input from team; send to team members. Facilitate meeting. Follow up on assigned tasks; seek input from team members/staff.
Before the meeting, I was a bit nervous but as the meeting progressed this feeling disappeared. I used to have stage fright but as a teacher/presenter, it requires me to conquer this fear. 
In prep for today's meeting, I prepared the agenda and covered a few main points:
Recap of roles In the last few weeks, I have found three new members to join the PBL team. New members bring in a different perspective that existing members might not be able to offer.  Training and network I will be going to a PBL Network meeting tomorrow after work. It is a showcase of PBL …

Teacher objectives

At the start of every year, we are asked to think of 3 objectives. Evidence of achieving the objectives must be uploaded to a website. My objectives for this year include:

1. Promote CAPA faculty and celebrate students' achievements
This includes:
-Working with students, staff and the local community to create artworks that represent the school. -Create artworks that promote the CAPA faculty, -Display artworks to celebrate student's achievements.  -Share Facebook posts and newsletter articles to acknowledge the efforts made by students.
2. Lead the Positive Behaviour for Learning Team
This includes:
-Growing, embedding and sustaining PBL at the school. -Strengthen and maintain links between the school and the wider community. -Network with other PBL schools to discuss systems and approaches. -Look for PBL training for myself and other staff members. -Defining Expectations -Teaching Behaviour Expectations -Strategies in place to respond to problem behaviours -Encourage positive …

A typical working day

I am quite pleased with the purchase of my sparkling brand new whiteboard from Daiso. It is an awesome little monthly schedule calender. They even reposted my picture on Instagram.

At 8am today I had my Work Health and Safety workshop on how to use a fire extinguisher. I actually need to buy one for my own house!

I had Year 7 classes from Period 1-3 and most of them are finishing off their oil pastel drawings. Some are starting the painting process. Here are a few photos:

At recess, I went to visit my Deputy Princpal to talk about cabin organisation for the Year 8 camp. Careful consideration must be given to how groups are form to minimise discipline issues and conflict.

My first break from teaching Year 7 (don't get me wrong, I love them!) was during Period 4. I took my Year 9/10 combined class to the darkroom. I have not been in the darkroom for about two years now. Need to brush up my skills and reorganise the room. There needs to be labels in the dark room.

At lunch, I had …


What I am doing?....

A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker coming in to the school to talk about our teacher well being. He recommended that we name our to-do list as the ta-da list. This means crossing off the completed job, waving your arms around and do a little happy dance. I have been working my way through my list. Not much of a dancer so you will not see me wiggling around after every task.

I have logically categorised my workload: marking, work samples, reports, program submissions, Year 8 camp organisation, Positive Behaviour for Learning team planning....

This year I have all my theory work uploaded onto Google Classroom for grades 7-12. It makes life so much easier for the student and for the teacher. This virtual classroom allows students to ask questions, submit tasks and for teachers to mark and send back the feedback. I no longer have to take piles of papers home to mark and drain the ink from my pen.

My Year 7 students are making print making, drawing and painting bas…